Gulshan Division


Goals/Objectives :
  • To maintain law and order;
  • Prevention and detection of crime;
  • Collecting intelligence of all forms to  maintain security;
  • Give security to all foreign offices and foreigners in this division;
  • To ensure community engagement in Policing;
  • To make a bridge between Police and public for better police service.


Responsibilities /activities:
  • 24/7 basis patroling for ensuring overall security;
  • Arresting criminals;
  • Special drive against militants, drug and arms suppliers;
  • Quick response team for emergency cases;
  • Beat policing meeting through `Utan Baitak`;
  • Community Policing Meeting with various section of the society;
  • Carring out every oreders from the lawful authority.


List of subordinate Offices/Units/Sections:


Gulshan Division:

Gulshan Division is one of the most important and  sensetive crime division in Dhaka Metropolition Police. It has the following units and sections by which all the functions are done properly.  The short description and contact of Gulshan Division are as follows:


Gulshan Division Office:

Deputy Police Commissioner is the chief of this office and all the functions of this crime division are duly supervised and controlled from this office. Additional Deputy Police Commissioners, Assistant Police Commissioner(admin) and civil staffs are the helping hands for carring out his duties. He is the key person to take any decision regarding administrative, professional and crime management issues of this division. The address of  Gulshan Division Office is House no-59, Road no-17, Bolck-E, Banani Dhaka-1213.  


AC(Zone) Office:

Senior Assistant/Assistant Police Commissioner is the incharge of this office and the key supervision unit of all criminal cases .  He/She is also responsible for public order management of his AOR(Area of Responsibility). Every AC Zone  Office consist of two police stations. There are three AC Zone Offices in Gulshan Division are Gulshan Zone, Badda Zone and Cantonment Zone Office.


Police Station:

Police Station is the key unit of all police works. Officer In-charge is the overall incharge of  a  Police Station. There are other two inspectors in every police station exclusively entrusted with investigation and operation activities. This unit receives and  investigates all criminal cases , maintain public order by patroling round the clock. Sub-Inspector ,Assistant Sub-Inspectror and Constables are  good in number in every police station and played vital role in policing . There are six police stations in this Gulshan Division are Gulshan, Banani, Vatara, Badda, Cantonment and Khilket.


Police Fari:

Police Fari is the primary crime control unit under the police station. Sub-Inspector  rank police  officer  runs this unit and mostly engage with foot patrols. There are four Police Fari in Gulshan Division are Gulshan, Banani, Badda and Khilket.


Police Box:

Police Box is also a urban based primary crime control  unit of  Dhaka Metropolitian Police.It mostly covers roads and highways and control criminal activities. Sub-Inspector rank police officer leads this first hand crime unit. Gulshan Division has two police box named Mohakhali and Joarshahra.

Apart from the above units `Women Investigation Center` is another specialized crime section in Gulshan Division yet to start its journey.


List of Subordinate Offices/Units/Sections :

গুলশান বিভাগঃ

  • গুলশান জোন, বাড্ডা জোন, ক্যান্টনমেন্ট জোন।
  • গুলশান জোন > গুলশান থানা, বনানী থানা।
  • গুলশান থানা > গুলশান ফাঁড়ি
  • বনানী থানা > বনানী ফাঁড়ি, মহাখালী পুলিশ বক্স
  • বাড্ডা জোন > বাড্ডা থানা, ভাটারা থানা।
  • বাড্ডা থানা > বাড্ডা ফাঁড়ি
  • ক্যান্টনমেন্ট জোন > ক্যান্টনমেন্ট থানা, খিলক্ষেত থানা।
  • খিলক্ষেত থানা > খিলক্ষেত ফাঁড়ি, জোয়ারসাহারা পুলিশ বক্স।