Logistics Division
Organogram of Logistics & Procurement Division

Subordinate offices of Logistics & Procurement Division

  • To Support DMP’s organizational goals and objectives.
  • To Support operational requirements.
  • To Manage the procurement process and the supply chain efficiently and effectively.
  • To plan and co-ordinate all activities necessary to achieve desired levels of delivered service and quality at lowest possible cost.
  • To offer best service to the members of DMP.
  • To fulfill customer demand through efficient resource management.
  • To maintain transparency in procurement and distribution.
  • To purchase, procure and supply different goods and services as per PPR (2008).
  • To select contractors/suppliers as per PPR (2008).
  • To prepare the Annual Procurement Plan (APP).
  • To prepare budget for meeting up the expenses regarding procurement of ration items, equipments and stationeries, sewing uniform and other expenses.
  • To ensure procurement and supply of goods and services demanded by different units of DMP.
  • To verify the market price of the procured items effectively.
  • To distribute ration items among police personnel, NSI/ACC members and wounded freedom fighters.
  • To distribute uniform among police personnel ranked from constable to SI.
  • To supply food and medicines for the horses and canine squad.
  • To collect arms and ammunitions, gas guns, non control items etc. from IGP reserve store and to supply those among different units of DMP.
  • To arrange annual shooting and musketry practice sessions for DMP officers.
  • To co-ordinate in different national/social/cultural programs/seminars arranged by DMP/Bangladesh Police.
  • To monitor the wireless communication and the issuance/rejection/effectiveness of the wireless sets used by DMP Officers.
  • To ensure the co-ordination and management of the DMP phones, BTCL phones, mobile phones, satellite phones, fax communication and wireless communication made by DMP.
  • To plan and manage the effective use of IT by DMP and the connection and expansion of the area of IT.
  • To respond immediately to customers’ demand regarding repair and maintenance of resources.
  • To set up and maintenance of CCTv cameras in different public places of Dhaka city.
  • To ensure different types of services demanded by the client(s).
  • To ensure right/effective use of resources.