Mirpur Divison


  • Prevent crime.
  • Apprehend Criminals.
  • Maintain law & order situation.
  • Ensure public safety.
  • Build trustworthy and meaningful relationship with the community.
  • Extend public services through problem solving.
  • Perform regulatory and helping services.


  • Proactive and reactive patrol.
  • Being visible through deterrent patrol.
  • Making arrests and stoping by aggressive patrol.
  • Identifying  troubles through problem solving patrol.
  • Being connected with the community through outreach patrol.
  • Building community partnerships through connection communications and collaboration.
  • Gathering knowledge of problem causes.
  • Responsing with a workable plan.
  • Assessing the progress.


List of Subordinate office/Units/Sections(With short description & contact number)
  • Mirpur Zone>Mirpur Model PS(01713373189).
  • Mirpur Zone>Kafrul PS(01713373191)>Mirpur-14 No Police out post.
  • Pallabi Zone> Pallabi PS(01713373190)> Pallabi Police out post.
  • Pallabi Zone>Vasantek PS(01769058057)> Vasantek Police out post.
  • Pallabi Zone>Rupnagar PS(01769058059)
  • Darus Salam Zone>Darus salam PS(01713398334)>Gabtoli Bus Terminal Police out post/Gabtoli Out post/Darus Salam Police Box.
  • Darus Salam Zone>Shah Ali PS(01713373192).