Uttara Division


Goals/Objectives :

Uttara division is committed to enforce law, maintain social order, reduce fear of crime, enhance public safety and ensure internal security with the active support of the committy.


  • To work for the prevention of crimes and maintenance of law and order.
  • To Co-ordinate the works of the Police Stations and with the boundary of police Stations in carring out special drives.
  • To Plan organize and lead the special and important operations.
  • To maintain the data or facts about crimes committed within Uttara division.
  • To ensure that warrants, proclamations and attachment orders are issued against absconders and those necessary steps are taken to arrest them.
  • To perform works regarding complain against police personnel and to provide legel assistance to the visitors.
  • To conduct foot patrol, mobile petrol, bike petrol, check post etc.
  • To ensure timely deployment and departure of the force.
  • To investigate and enquire into the cases which violates the law of the land and submit report.
  • To organize programmes on community policing and open house day.
  • To conduct bit policing.
  • To conduct Special drive or block raid to control drug and extrimism.


List of Subordinate Offices/Units/Sections:

Uttara division 

  • Uttara Zone > Uttara West P.S > Turag P.S > Diyabari out post
  • Airport Zone > Uttara East P.S > Airport P.S > Azampur out post > Biman bandar Police box
  • Dakhinkhan Zone > Uttarkhan P.S > Dakhinkhan P.S > Taltala out post