Wari Division

  • Control Law & order
  • Making Place safer
  • Curb Crime and the fear of crime
  • To uphold the rule of law
  • Treat everyone fairly
  • To be open and honest
  • Work in Partnership
  • Change to improve
  • Prevention & detection of Crime
  • Improve image of Bangladesh Police
  • Profile Collection of indivisual residing AOR
  • To safe place of AOR
  • To make social tranquility
  • To make better and safer place for living
  • Aware of community member about the serivces of Police
  • Motivate Police Offices for Pro-active policing
  • Deal vulnerable groups with extra care
  • Enhance capacity of intellignce.
  • Enhancment of community policing & bit Policing
Responsibilities And Activities :
  • Bit Policing & Community Policing
    • To prevent the crime pro actively one particular thana has divided into several bits.
    • One designated officer has assigned to that particular bit.
    • He/she is responsible for securing the area and to set the priority and coordination within the bit community to prevent crime.
    • Community awareness building against drugs, eve-teasing by open house day and community policing.
  • Results
    • Reduces crime
    • Reduces fear of police
    • Increases visibility of police
    • Reduces response time
    • Improves service delivery of police
    • Engages different Community in crime prevention
    • Lastly accelerate the tempo of detecting & preventing crime easily.
  • Quick response to any emergency situation within jurisdiction
  • Promote the accountability of criminals by enforcing laws set forth by the state
  • Investigation of crimes
  • Making arrests and searches
  • Patrolling of safeness of citizens
  • Maintaining order during riots of protests
  • Prepare cases and testify in court
  • Surveillance Strategies
  • Event management security (Pahela Boishakh, Eid-ul-fitar, Ram Krisno Mission, ISCON etc.)
  • Maintain the data of criminals catagorically like habitual offenders, terrorist and drug syndicate etc.
List of Subordinate Officess/Units/Sections :
  • Wari Division>Wari Zone>Wari Police Station>Wari Police Outpost
  • Wari Division>Wari Zone>Gandarai Police Station>Narinda Police Outpost/Gandaria Police Outpost
  • Wari Division>Shampur Zone>Shampur Police Station>Postogola Police Outpost
  • Wari Division>Shampur Zone>Kadamtoli Police Station
  • Wari Division>Demra Zone>Demra Police Station>Konarapa Police Outpost/Demra Police Outpost
  • Wari Division>Demra Zone>Jatrabari Police Station>Sayeadabad Police Outpost/Jatrabari Police Outpost