Welfare & Force Division


  • To ensure proper welfare and advantages for the forces.
  • To co-operate to control law & order by joining with crime divisions.
  • To Provide all bodyguard (Close Protection) duty and Provide forces (if Necessaries) to all divisions of DMP and Police Headquarters.
  • Response to any emergency situation within jurisdiction.
  • To guard of important places (Gov: & Non-Gov:)
  • Patrolling for safeness of citizens.
  • Maintaining order during riots or protests & Strike (Hartal) etc.
  • Arranging social festivals as like as Pahela Boishakh, Eid-ul-fitar, Eid-ul-Azha, Durga Puja , Police Week & National Parade etc)
  • To maintain and Co-operate for arranging of Maximum programmers of Bangladesh Police and DMP, Dhaka.