Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism

Terrorism and terrorist activities is a global problem and threat to all nations directly or indirectly irrespective of religion, race, culture or geo-location. The Government of Bangladesh (GOB), over the years, has demonstrated strong will and made relentless efforts in preventing the terrorist groups from operating in Bangladesh. Despite of having government’s strong position against terrorism, some extremist religious groups have shown their presence in Bangladesh. In this circumstance, a dedicated specialized unit under Bangladesh Police is inevitable to counter all sorts of terrorism. “Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime” unit under Dhaka Metropolitan Police has started intelligence-led proactive investigation in terrorism and transnational crime, arrest criminals, collect criminal intelligence and keep the terror suspects under surveillance and finally stop such activities with the help of people.

Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) will deal with issues like-
  • Terrorism and Extremism
  • Cyber Crime and Cyber Patrolling
  • Arms, ammunitions, explosives and narcotics
  • Organized and Transnational crimes

CTTC has housed police personnel with experience in full time policing and having remarkable capabilities in investigating traditional crimes. This unit is scrupulous on carrying out-

  • Preventing terrorist attack through intel-led policing.
  • Retarding individuals from becoming or supporting terrorists.
  • Ensuring professional investigation of terrorist incidents, cyber crime and transnational organized crimes.

Though Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit is formed under Dhaka Metropolitan Police, this unit will assist other units regarding above mentioned issues in terms of providing intelligence, terror suspect surveillance and related matters.

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