Finance Division


  • To ensure a smooth & transparent financial management system throughout all divisions of DMP through proper monitoring of the entire financial Transactions & purchases in line with standard government rules & regulations.
  • To formulate an effective & benevolent budget for DMP keeping in mind the requirements of different divisions & the welfare of the people.
  • To eliminate all hassles & simplify the process of getting pay bills & other miscellaneous bills for the employees of DMP through proper coordination with the AG office.
  • To monitor and ensure the government financial rules and regulations of Bangladesh are being practiced in all purchases & financial transactions of DMP.
  • To perform all tasks related to the preparation of pay bill & other allowances of Non gazetted police & civil staffs of DMP, Dhaka
  • To prepare operational and non operational annual budget for DMP.
  • To organize and make arrangement for online salary and allowances preparation and distribution through the bank accounts of the non gazetted police and civil staffs.
  • To maintain the estimates of revenue & expenditure of all the codes & sectors under DMP (i.e pay bill, supply, repairing & maintenance, resource collection sectors etc,) & dispatch them to PHQ through reconcile from accountant general office)
  • To prepare reports for sending administrative report (monthly DO) to commissioner, DMP
  • To prepare bills such as salary, dues, timescale, increment, arrear, balance, supplementary bills, pay bill, GPF, LPC, house building advance, car loan advance., rest & recreation, festival bonuses, land tax, municipal tax, electricity bill, gas bill,water bill, office rent, rewards, kit allowances, risk allowances, TA/DA, miscellaneous etc. & dispatch them to concerned offices.
  • Management & maintenance of cash book for financial transaction of DMP
  • To dispatch all pay checks of monthly cash transaction of DMP to concerned units
  • To receive all undistributed cash from various units through receipt checks
  • Maintenance of accounts of all the sectors of DMP that generate income & dispatch them to PHQ
  • Check collection, bank deposit & its distribution to receivers after submitting the bill to AG office
  • To prepare the B statement of DMP for dispatch to PHQ
  • To prepare the monthly cash balance statement of DMP for dispatch to PHQ
  • To deposit money received from auction sales, various deductions to govt. treasury through treasury challan
  • To dispatch the schedule of all deducted money from the GPF of the non gazetted police/ civil employees of DMP to AG office
  • To perform tasks related to sending LPC (Non gazetted) & other financial tasks of all the police/ civil employees of DMP transferred to other units.
  • To play assigned role in all purchase committee of various sectors including supply & service sectors of DMP.
  • To ensure the safety of all current checks & cash memo.
  • To supervise the application of all financial rules & regulations in case of all purchases & expenditure of DMP.
  • To ensure the smooth distribution of salary & other allowances through bank.
  • To support the yearly audit done by the auditor general to ensure the proper financial management.
List of Offices
  • DC(Finance),DMP
    • Mob: 01713398303
    • Tel: 02 9355343
    • Fax: 9333109
  • ADC(Finance),DMP
    • Mob: 01713398300
    • Tel: 02 9343406
  • AC(Finance),DMP
    • Mob: 01713398314
    • Tel: 02 9347988

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