Operation Division



Operations Unit has a Joint Commissioner of Police who has to report to Additional Commissioner (Crime & Ops) about his activities. He is assisted by a Deputy Commissioner, an Additional Deputy Commissioner and a host of officers & forces. The core function of this unit is operational in nature i.e. deployment, duty and withdrawal of officers & forces in the field. This unit has a lot of functions. Some of them are cited here:

  • Collection of necessary and relevant intelligence/information and conduct a threat assessment.
  • Formulation of  operational and security plan for various types of social, national and political programs (e.g. strike, procession, meeting, rally, long march, human chain, election, siege, 1st Boishakh, 31st night, 16 December,  26 March, 15 August etc.)
  • Supervising on going operations conducted at police stations of DMP.
  • Taking necessary steps to provide manpower and logistics keeping a coordination with Headquarters, (Public order Management) POM and Logistics units.
  • Coordinating among crime divisions if more than one crime divisions are concerned.
  • Giving operational command on behalf of the Commissioner, Additional Commissioner and Joint Commissioner after having been instructed.
  • Always remaining active and open to receive intelligence/information.
  • Disseminating intelligence/information amongst concerned officers.
  • Keeping contact with the intelligence agencies to formulate security plan for national program and mega events

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