Victim Support

  • In order to address the issue of Violence against Women rampant in the Bangladesh society, Victim support Centre is a groundbreaking initiative of the Bangladesh Police.
  • Stared its Journey 17th February, 2009 with the help of PRP
  • From July, 2011 it is totally run by Bangladesh Police budget
  • Provide integrated services like counseling, medical help legal assistance and guidance on access to justice.



To introduce women friendly policing system and to ensure greater empowerment, security and total welfare of women in Dhaka Metropolitan area.


Victim Support Center

Represents a unique partnership between BD police and ten (10) Non government Organization.


Objectives :
  • To provide professional and timely service to the victims
  • To play an important role in safeguarding victims and in protecting their legal rights.
  • To combine efforts of both government and non government institutions and ensure best services for the victims.
  • To protect victim from repeat victimization.
How Victims come in VSC
  • Direct complain through the victim
  • From Police station
    • Victim related to case (Rape, Abduction Trafficking etc.)
    • Missing baby/child
    • Repressed Domestic help
    • Disabled/handicraft victim
    • Escaped victim from her own resident.
Investigation Unit
  • Started on 18th July 2011
  • Investigate the case related to woman and children repression
  • Jurisdiction-49 Police station of DMP
  • Transferred case with the permission from DMP Commissioner
Objectives to opened up investigation unit
  • To provide legal assistance to women and children who are repressed.
  • To investigate & to coordinate the cases related to woman and children.
  • To fruitful the investigation activities.
Quick Response Unit
  • Four (4) teams now walking rotationally headed by one sub-inspector.
  • Provide legal assistance complain regarding in hot line.
  • Quickly rush to the place of occurrence and provide rendered assistance.
  • Rescued victim in emergency cases.

  • Arrange and participate different training program related issue on woman and children.
  • Conduct awareness/campaign program in educational institutions.
  • Participate in national/international workshop, semmar and symposium.
Our Achievements
  1. Around 400 cases related to women and children repression have been investigated by the female investigating officers of this unit.
  2. Around 1700 victims are provided service from this center
  3. 7 rescued by Quick response team.
  4. Women and child friendly environment.
  5. Under police reform programme 6 victim support center are going to be established in 6 divisional cities.
  6. Our recognition has reached to national level. Our unit has been highly appreciated in parliamentary standing committee Under the Ministry of women and children affairs.


Future Plans:
  • Networking with government and non government bodies and also with community groups;
  • Research and publication on different violence against women.
  • Sensitization events both grassroot and national level.
  • Campaign pogrammes to sensitize the citizen regarding violence against women.


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