Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) came into being on 1st February, 1976. Mr. E.A. Chowdhury the first Commissioner and Mr. A.S.M.Shahjahan (later on made IGP, Secretary and Advisor to the Caretaker Government) the first Deputy Commissioner (HQ) jointly toiled at setting-up an effective and professional Metropolitan Police. Afterwards, Mr. A.M. M. Aminur Rahman and Mr. A. R. Khandokar shouldered the responsibilities to shape this organization as dignified one.
DMP started its course with 12 police stations along with 6000 forces in 1976. Population of Dhaka City stood to be less than 40, 00,000. Now the population is almost 1.5 cores.
The Metropolitan area itself has increased in shape and size year after year. This increased population and area must of course, call for extended quality service. So modernization and improvement of DMP is a demand of time. This concept led to reshaping DMP in respect of force, size, modernization and organizational structure. The big step towards materializing this process is to establish 49 police stations instead of 12.This mega organization is functioning its assigned and voluntary tasks with a Commissioner, 5 Addl.Commissioners,9 Joint Commissioners,31 Deputy Commissioners (DC), 48 Addl. Deputy Commissioners (ADC), 66 Senior Assistant Commissioners (Sr. AC), 123 Assistant Commissioners (AC), 453 Inspectors, 2907  Sub-Inspectors,Sergeants,Armed.Sub-Inspectors,Town Sub-Inspectors,3087 Assistant Sub-Inspectors(AB/UB). At present total strength of Dhaka Metropolitan Police personnel (all ranks and status) is more than 26,661( including ministrial staff ).
DMP functions are divided into five operational Divisions with an Addl.Commissioner each in the command assisted by a band of Deputy Commissioners, Addl. Deputy Commissioners, and Assistant Commissions with their willingness and sagacious co-ordination. They are:
1. Detective and Criminal Intelligence Division
2. Crime and Operations Division
3. Traffic Division,
4. Protection and Protocol Division
5. Public Order Management and Headquarters Division.
The prime responsibility of Detective and Criminal Intelligence Division is to detect sensational crimes and to be on the track of notorious criminals. Apprehension of criminal gangs and veteran criminals and recovery of illegal firearms and explosives are preoccupation of every DB officer,alert the prosecution of Detective and Criminal Intelligence Division works in connection with the procedure in the court. Crime and Operations Division is basically responsible for policing i.e. maintaining law and order situation in the concerned area. The jobs of apprehension of the criminals, warrant execution, investigation of the cases, recovery of illegal arms etc come naturally under the responsibility of this Division. Crime and Ops Division provides the service of prevention and detection of crime directly to the public through the police stations. Traffic Division plans, executes and controls the Metropolitan’s traffic system along with creating awareness for traffic rules in the pubic mind. Protection and Protocol Division includes the job of providing protection to the V.V.I.P s and V.I.P s including chancery to secure the diplomatic missions and surrounding area. Public Order Management and Headquarters Division nurtures a huge number of riot police and strengthens and consolidates the force of Crime and Ops Division in any emergency. This division provides logistic and administrative and other miscellaneous supports to the DMP as well.

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