Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) came into force on February 01, 1976. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamt and patronized the inception of Metropolitan Police in Dhaka.

Mr. E. A. Chowdhury, the first Commissioner and Mr. A.S.M. Shahjahan (later on made IGP, Secretary and Advisor to the Caretaker Government), the first Deputy Commissioner (Headquarters) jointly toiled at setting-up an effective and professional Metropolitan Police. Afterwards, Mr. A.M.M. Aminur Rahman and Mr. A. R. Khandokar shouldered the responsibilities to shape this organization as dignified entity.

DMP started its course of action with 12 Police Stations along with 6,000 officers and force in 1976. Population of Dhaka City stood to be less than 40,00,000. Now the population is almost 2.0 cores whether DMP boosts up with almost 34,000 officers and force.

The Metropolitan area itself has increased in shape and size year after year. Jurisdiction of DMP has already been administratively divided into two city corporations – Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC).

This increased population and area must need for extended quality police service. So, modernization and improvement of DMP is a demand of time due to changes in pattern of crime and law & order situation as well as revolution of modern Information and Communication Technology. The theme of ‘Smart Bangladesh’ leads to reshaping the ‘Smart Police’ while the ‘Smart Police’ must be enriched by ‘Smart DMP’ in respect of modern ICT enabled organizational structure, pro-people policing, smart services and public service commitment. The giant leap towards materializing these processes will be possible by establishing smart police service rendered by 50 police stations of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

This mega organization is incessantly functioning its assigned police tasks with a Commissioner, 6 Additional Commissioners, 12 Joint Commissioners, 59 Deputy Commissioners (DC), 146 Additional Deputy Commissioners (ADC), 137 Assistant Commissioners (AC), 699 Inspectors (Unarmed, Armed and TI), 2258 Sub-Inspectors, 703 Sergeants, 481 Armed Sub-Inspectors, 68 Town Sub-Inspectors, 3723 Assistant Sub- Inspectors (AB/UB), 244 Assistant Town Sub-Inspectors, 1187 Naiks, 20903 Constables. Total strength of Dhaka Metropolitan Police personnel (all ranks and status) is now more than 30627 (ministerial staff to be included). Number of sanctioned posts are – 1 Commissioner, 6 Additional Commissioners, 12 Joint Commissioners, 57 Deputy Commissioners (DC), 129 Additional Deputy Commissioners (ADC), 156 Assistant Commissioners (AC), 616 Inspectors (Unarmed, Armed and TI), 2500 Sub-Inspectors, 1033 Sergeants, 489 Armed Sub- Inspectors, 68 Town Sub-Inspectors, 4086 Assistant Sub-Inspectors (AB/UB), 238 Assistant Town Sub-Inspectors, 1554 Naiks, 22042 Constables. Total sanctioned strength of DMP (all ranks and status) is 32987 (ministerial staff to be included).

Mr. Habibur Rahman, BPM (Bar), PPM (Bar), is the present Commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police. He joins in DMP as 36th Police Commissioner on 30th September 2023.

DMP functions are divided into six (06) operational units with an Additional Commissioner each in the command assisted by a band of Joint Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Inspectors and other subordinates with their smart and pro-people policing, highest standard of professionalism, dedication and sagacious co-ordination.

These are:

  1. Administration
  2. Crime and Operations
  3. Logistics, Finance and Procurement
  4. Traffic
  5. Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC)
  6. Detective Branch (DB)


The prime responsibility of Administration Unit is to conduct all sorts of administrative jobs of DMP. These are- conducting official and semi-official programs such as police week, raising day sports day; conducting all types of meetings, internal appointment, positing, promotion, promotion exams, maintain service records by central reserves; provide officers and force as per requirement for maintaining law and order, national & international programs, political programs, security of whole Dhaka metropolitan area through Public Order Management (POM); maintain police lines in Rajarbagh, Demra, Basila etc. Headquarters Division and Public Order Management nurture a huge number of riot police and strengthens and consolidates the force of Crime and Ops Division in any emergency. The accommodation setup of officers and force is also administered by this unit.

Crime and Operations:

Crime and Operations Unit is basically responsible for core policing and operational activities for the Dhaka metropolitan area. This unit has three separate divisions under the direction and supervision of Addl. Commissioner (Crime and Operations) including Crime Division, Operation Division and Protection and Diplomatic Security Division. The main functions of crime division are preventing and controlling crime, maintaining law and order, collecting preliminary intelligence and take necessary action on it, investigating cases, developing and maintaining profiles of the criminals, apprehension of the criminals, warrant execution, recovery of illegal arms and beat policing & community policing. The core activities of operation division are to prepare the event calendar and to take necessary measures to maintain law and order accordingly, Formulate security plans according to different programs, deploy the force according to the security plan, coordinate with other units of security and law enforcement, and notify the senior authority immediately of the discussed / important events. The responsibilities of protection Division are ensuring security to the VVIPs, providing security to the VIPs, ensuring security to the foreign delegates and state guests, ensuring security to the Key Point Installations (KPI) and other important establishments. The responsibilities of Diplomatic Security division include Ensuring security to the diplomatic zone (Embassy, High commission and related establishments), ensuring security to the diplomats and their families, keeping profiles of the diplomats, collecting intelligence regarding security of diplomatic zone and take necessary action on it.

Logistics, Finance and Procurement:


Logistics, Finance and Procurement Unit provides all sorts of logistics supports to all the skeletons DMP as per requirement. This unit conducts vehicle management, arms and ammunition management, office equipments and furniture management. It provides logistics supports to the scheduled programs organized by DMP. The overall procurement processes are conducted from this unit for purchasing goods, works and services time to time.


Dhaka Metropolitan Traffic Unit is the most important part of Dhaka Metropolitan Police as well as Bangladesh Police. DMP Traffic Division plans, excecutes and Controls the traffic management system along with creating awareness for abiding by traffic rules by the public all over Dhaka city. It coordinates with 08 (Eight) traffic divisions to ensure hassle free movement of the city dwellers. It also maintains all VVIP movements in Dhaka Metropolitan Area. In addition, DMP Traffic division covers various International and National events where traffic coordination with various agencies is a regular phenomenon. DMP traffic division also creates different awareness programme among the city people, driver, pedestrian to obey the traffic rules and reduce the road accident.

Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC):

Terrorism and terrorist activities is a global problem and threat to all nations directly or indirectly irrespective of religion, race, culture or geo-location. The Government of Bangladesh (GOB), over the years, has demonstrated strong will and made relentless efforts in preventing the terrorist groups from operating in Bangladesh. A dedicated specialized unit of Bangladesh Police is inevitable to counter all sorts of terrorism. ‘Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime’ unit under Dhaka Metropolitan Police has started intelligence-led proactive investigation in terrorism and transnational crime, arrest criminals, collect criminal intelligence and keep the terror suspects under surveillance and finally stop such activities with the help of people since 2016.

Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC) deals with issues like- Terrorism and Extremism, Cyber Crime and Cyber Patrolling, Arms, ammunitions, explosives and narcotics, Organized and Transnational crimes

CTTC has housed police personnel with experience in full time policing and having remarkable capabilities in investigating traditional crimes. This unit is careful on carrying out- Preventing terrorist attack through intel-led policing; retarding individuals from becoming or supporting terrorists; Ensuring professional investigation of terrorist incidents, cyber crime and transnational organized crimes.

Though Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime unit is formed under Dhaka Metropolitan Police, this unit will assist other units regarding above mentioned issues in terms of providing intelligence, terror suspect surveillance and related matters.

Detective Branch:


Detective Branch is to detect sensational/cyber crimes and to be on the track of notorious criminals. Apprehension of criminal gangs involved in organized crime, professional criminals and recovery of illegal firearms, explosives and drugs. DB also keeps watching on sensational incidents and investigates to solve the clueless cases by instantly responding to the place of occurrences, conducting collection of evidences.

Protection Division includes the job of providing outer cordon security and protection to the VVIP s and VIPs mainly honorable President, Prime Minister, foreign VVIPs (President & Prime Ministers) and delegates, provide personal security to the highest ranked government officials, non-stop security to Key Point Installations (KPIs) and houseguards. This division also provides personal/private escort and money escort services as per requirement.

Women Support & Investigation Division:


Women Support & Investigation Division is a groundbreaking initiative of DMP and Bangladesh Police to address the issues of rampant violence against Women and Children in Bangladesh. The division is always striving to enhance and establish better social system, ensure greater empowerment, security and total welfare of women in Dhaka Metropolitan area by its three working units – a) victim support center (VSC), b) investigation unit, and c) quick response team (QRT). VSC is playing an effective role in safeguarding victims by combining the efforts of partner GOs and NGOs. Investigation unit is providing legal assistance to the repressed women and children and assisting in investigation of related cases in all crime divisions of DMP. QRT provides guidance to complainants through helpline and rescues victims in emergency cases.

Media and Public Relations:

Media and Public Relations Division conducts media briefing, media management, publish performance related achievements of DMP to the online news portal and social media platform, build up relationships with journalists and other external stakeholders. This division also provide photography and videography (Photos and Videos) supports by capturing, archiving and disseminating photos and video for anytime need, prepares documentary of official programs of DMP and Bangladesh Police, prepares calendars, diaries, notebooks, invitation cards, mementos of DMP. Media & PR Division also organizes talk shows, press briefing of DMP Commissioner and other senior officials as required.

Diplomatic Security:

Diplomatic Security Division ensures all aspects of safety and security of Embassy/High Commission premises & residences and provides physical protection to the Ambassadors/High Commissioners & diplomats. This division also provides and coordinates security to the Ambassadors/High Commissioners & diplomats during their travel. Moreover this division ensures safety & security of visiting diplomats & dignitaries as assigned.

DMP has special services such as – Assistance to the victim, Day Care Center, Money Escort, Online Police Clearance, One Stop Service Center, Personal security, Police Blood Bank etc.

For latest news of DMP, please visit: http://www.dmpnews.org/

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